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Feature Interviews


Interview: Lois McMaster Bujold

Lois McMaster Bujold is running out of things to win. She’s won the Hugo Award for best novel many times over. She’s won the Nebula Award twice, the Mythopoeic Award for adult novel, and three Locus Awards.


Interview: Simon Pegg

I really like the idea of writing myself as this incredibly self-involved bombastic superhero with a robot butler in the most florid prose possible because it’s just enormous fun to be bad on purpose.


Interview: Mary Doria Russell

What does it mean to be human in a large and frightening and beautiful universe? That’s an immense question, and there are many kinds of answers.


Interview: Mary Roach

Eunuchs are the way to go—avoid all the soap opera, all the falling in love and the anger and the possible murder and jealousy, definitely.


Interview: Jill Tarter, Director of SETI

As the Director of the Center for SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) Research, Dr. Tarter has devoted her career to the search for extraterrestrial life.


Interview: Elizabeth Bear

Elizabeth Bear should be a familiar name for anyone who even dabbles in science fiction and fantasy. Not only did she catapult into the scene by winning the Campbell Award for Best New Author in 2005, she never lost momentum.


Interview: Walter Jon Williams

Science fiction certainly encourages the asking of the big questions: Who are we, what makes us human, what is our purpose, what is our destiny.


Interview: Digital Lifeforms: Creating the Characters of Avatar & Tron: Legacy

Every year there are some films that push the boundaries of art and technology so far that they redefine our understanding of what “real” is.


Interview: The Redemption of Paolo Bacigalupi

With fantasy, you get the luxury of control. Every aspect of the world can be manipulated for your purpose, and the reader is willing to suspend disbelief to a much larger degree than with science fiction.


Interview: Greg Bear

Hugo and Nebula Award winning author, Greg Bear, has authored over forty books, including Quantico, Darwin’s Children, and The Forge of God. His latest novel is Hull Zero Three, and Halo: Cryptum is due out in January.