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Series Archive: Dungeonspace

In Braxis City, teens have a unique after-school job opportunity: traveling into dungeonspace anomalies and defeating the traps and monsters within to capture the powerful artifacts at their hearts.

Only teenagers have the unique neurochemistry that allows them to interface and travel through the anomalies into dungeonspace. The anomalies must be closed, or they threaten the very fabric of reality within Braxis City. In the decades since the coming of the anomalies and the great Cataclysm that followed, an entire shadow economy has sprung up around “d-space” and servicing the young crawler teams that aim to protect their city and possibly find fame and fortune along the way.



The Cavern of the Screaming Eye

“Is that the collapsible, carbon fiber ten-foot pole from TrunchCo—” I slammed my locker door and spun the combo lock, but it was too late; the fanboy already seen my gear. I didn’t know what his interest was, but I didn’t want to encourage him. I said nothing. He continued: “I’ve got the one from a couple of years ago that folds up. It sucks.”