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Series Archive: Sun Lords of the Principality

When you are born, the universe smiles upon you. As you grow, you will worship the Sun Lords who allow your existence under their blessed reign. Upon your death, if you should have lived well and in obsolescence to the gods, the Sun Lords will look upon you in benevolence, and your memory will be preserved for all time.

The Sun Lords of the Principality are infinite in their wisdom and grace. From the center of the universe, in the Courts of Tranquility, they oversee our fates with sanctity and forbearance. We are but specs of solar dust in the cosmos, yet we find peace in the knowledge the gods are eternal.

Worship, child! Kneel in reverence to our omniscient rulers; tithe as is required; praise as is your duty. You are a spark in the void, kindled from the heat of the Suns.

—excerpt from the New Citizen data node preloaded
into each child’s neural link upon implant


Science Fiction

Tomorrow When We See the Sun

Wolflord (title): nomadic, nameless survivors of destroyed warships; those who did not accept ritual immolation during the Decommission. No allegiance to the Principality; outlaws. The antiquated title is self-taken from the first deserter, whose name and memory were erased upon execution; precise origin unknown.