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Media Review: July 2020

Our reviewer LaShawn M. Wanak takes a deep dive into Steven Universe, Steven Universe: The Movie, and Steven Universe Future. There are gems, trauma, singing, and heroics—so should you watch it?


Media Review: June 2020

Sure, you’ve heard about Tom Nook and all the cute animals in the neighborhood. But what is it really like playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons, especially when you’re stuck home alone in lockdown? JY Yang spills the beans.


Media Review: May 2020

Ready to get your kids started in gaming? Looking for some help? We brought in a very special reviewer to check out these new D&D supplemental materials designed for kids. Find out if they’re a good fit for your family!


Media Review: April 2020

Christopher East reviews AMC’s quirky series Lodge 49.


Media Review: March 2020

Still on the fence about the Star Wars trilogy? Wondering if you should give it a re-watch or catch it somewhere streaming? Our reviewer Nicasio Andres Reed shares his thoughts on Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. 


Media Review: February 2020

This month, our reviewer digs into Control, a new action-adventure video game about weird (okay, Weird) mysteries. Should you play it, too?


Media Review: January 2020

Carrie Vaughn, Lightspeed‘s stalwart movie reviewer, caughtTerminator: Dark Fate when it was in the theaters. Should you see it on DVD or streaming? Find out!


Media Reviews: December 2019

Christopher East overcomes a lifetime aversion to time travel stories when he reviews Amazon’s new show Undone, as well as the newest season of  the German series Dark.


Media Review: November 2019

Carrie Vaughn went to see Ad Astra in the theaters. Should you check it out on streaming? Read and find out!


Media Review: October 2019

What’s it like to experience a new video game, not by playing it, but watching it on Twitch? Our reviewer, LaShawn M. Wanak, gives Kingdom Hearts III a try.