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Press Release: LIGHTSPEED Book Review Column to Launch in 2015

Lightspeed is pleased to announce that we will be launching a series of quarterly, rotating book review columns in January 2015, written by:

Amal El-Mohtar

Amal El-MohtarAmal El-Mohtar’s essays have appeared in Chicks Unravel Time, Queers Dig Time Lords, Science Fiction Film & Television, Apex, Stone Telling, The Outpost, Cascadia Subduction Zone, and She reviews books for NPR, edits and publishes the poetry in Goblin Fruit, is a Nebula-nominated author and founding member of the Banjo Apocalypse Crinoline Troubadours, and has been known to deadlift other genre professionals. Find her on Twitter @tithenai.

Andrew Liptak

Andrew LiptakAndrew Liptak is a freelance writer and historian from Vermont. He is a 2014 graduate of the Launch Pad Astronomy Workshop, and has written for such places as Armchair General, io9, Kirkus Reviews, Lightspeed Magazine, and others. He can be found over at and at @AndrewLiptak on Twitter. His first book, War Stories: New Military Science Fiction is now out from Apex Publications, and his next, The Future Machine: The Writers, Editors and Readers who Build Science Fiction is forthcoming from Jurassic London in 2015.

Sunil Patel

Sunil PatelSunil Patel is a Bay Area fiction writer and playwright who has written about everything from ghostly cows to talking beer. His plays have been performed at San Francisco Theater Pub and San Francisco Olympians Festival, and his story “The Gramadevi’s Lament” will appear in the upcoming anthology, Genius Loci: Tales of the Spirit of Place. He loves to create new stories, but he also loves introducing people to stories he loves. Find out more at, where you can watch his plays, or follow him @ghostwritingcow. His Twitter has been described as “engaging,” “exclamatory,” and “crispy, crunchy, peanut buttery.”

Each reviewer will have four columns per year. The columns will launch in our January issue with Andrew’s column, followed by Sunil’s in February, and Amal’s in March; each reviewer’s column will appear every three months thereafter.

For the last several years, Lightspeed has had two feature-length interviews in each issue; starting in January, we will reduce that number to one and replace that nonfiction slot with the review columns. Everything else about the structure and content of the magazine will remain the same.

If you would like information about how to submit books for review, you may send review copies to editor John Joseph Adams at the mailing address your publicist should already have on file (either for Lightspeed, Nightmare, or The Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy); if you need that information, please email [email protected]

If you would like to send an email press release, please direct your inquiry to [email protected]