Lightspeed: Edited by John Joseph Adams




Feb. 2013 (Issue 33)

Novella: “The Happiest Dead Boy in the World” by Tad Williams

Novel Excerpt: The Best of All Possible Worlds by Karen Lord

Nonfiction: Artist Showcase: Yannick De Smet, Interview: Lois McMaster Bujold, Interview: Steven Erikson.

Science Fiction: C.C. Finlay (“The Infill Trait”), Carrie Vaughn (“Harry and Marlowe Escape the Mechanical Siege of Paris”), Robert Reed (“Eight Episodes”), Maureen F. McHugh (“Interview: On Any Given Day”)

Fantasy: Genevieve Valentine (“Abyssus Abyssum Invocat”), M. Bennardo (“The Herons of Mer de l’Ouest”), Marly Youmans (“Prologomenon to the Adventures of Chílde Phoenix”), John Crowley (“Exogamy”).

Jan. 2013 (Issue 32)

Novella: “The Fear Gun” by Judith Berman

Novel Excerpt: Impulse by Steven Gould

Nonfiction: Artist Showcase: Alexandra Knickel, Interview: Cory Doctorow, Interview: Lemony Snicket.

Science Fiction: Matthew Kressel (“The Sounds of Old Earth”), Jonathan Olfert (“Lifeline”), Cherie Priest (“Addison Howell and the Clockroach”), Theodora Goss (“Child Empress of Mars”).

Fantasy: A.C. Wise (“With Tales in Their Teeth, From the Mountain They Came”), Kristine Kathryn Rusch (“Purity Test”), Daniel Abraham (“The Cambist and Lord Iron”), Jeffrey Ford (“Daltharee”).

Dec. 2012 (Issue 31)

Novella: “Story of Your Life” by Ted Chiang

Novel Excerpt: Cold Days by Jim Butcher

Nonfiction: Artist Showcase: Luis Lasahido, Interview: Junot Diaz, Interview: Alastair Reynolds.

Science Fiction: D. Thomas Minton (“Dreams in Dust”), Ken Liu (“The Perfect Match”), Yoon Ha Lee (“Swanwatch”), Marta Randall (“Lazaro y Antonio”).

Fantasy: J.T. Petty (“Family Teeth, Part 5: American Jackal”), Sarah Langan (“Family Teeth, Part 6: St. Polycarp’s Home for Happy Wanderers”), Brian Evenson (“An Accounting”), Kelly Link (“Catskin”).

Nov. 2012 (Issue 30)

Novella: “West” by Orson Scott Card

Novel Excerpt: The Inexplicables by Cherie Priest

Nonfiction: Artist Showcase: Erik Schumacher, Interview: Alastair Reynolds, Interview: Terry Brooks.

Science Fiction: Sandra McDonald (“Searching for Slave Leia”), Tom Crosshill (“A Well-Adjusted Man”), Eleanor Arnason (“Ace 167”), Tobias S. Buckell (“A Game of Rats and Dragon”).

Fantasy: Jeremiah Tolbert (“La Alma Perdida de Marguerite Espinoza”), Richard Bowes (“Seven Smiles and Seven Frowns”), Aliette de Bodard (“As the Wheel Turns”), Carrie Vaughn (“A Princess of Spain”).

Oct. 2012 (Issue 29)

Novella: “Dragonfly” by Ursula K. Le Guin

Novel Excerpt: Blackwood by Gwenda Bond

Nonfiction: Artist Showcase: R.J. Palmer, Interview: David Brin, Interview: Ursula K. Le Guin.

Science Fiction: “Flowing Unimpeded to the Enlightenment”—Robert Reed, “Nearly Departed”—Pat Cadigan, “Art of War”—Nancy Kress (SF), “Bear and Shifty”—Benjamin Parzybok.

Fantasy: “The Black Bird”—David Barr Kirtley, “Spindles”—L.B. Gale, “Beyond the Reach of His Gods”—Brian Ruckley, “The Suicide’s Guide to the Absinthe of Perdition”—Megan Arkenberg.

Sep. 2012 (Issue 28)

Novella: Walter Jon Williams (“The Green Leopard Plague”)

Novel Excerpt: Greg Egan (The Eternal Flame)

Nonfiction: Artist Showcase: Frank Hong, Artist Showcase: Galen Dara, Interview: John Scalzi

Science Fiction: Adam-Troy Castro (“My Wife Hates Time Travel”), Brooke Bolander (“Sun Dogs”), Elizabeth Bear & Sarah Monette (“Boojum”), and Harry Harrison (“The Streets of Ashkelon”).

Fantasy: Nina Kiriki Hoffman (“Monsters, Finders, Shifters”), Peter Sursi (“The Seven Samovars”), Scott Edelman (“The Last Supper”), and Holly Black (“Heartless”).

Aug. 2012 (Issue 27)

Novella: Joe Haldeman (“A Separate War”)

Novel Excerpts: Carrie Vaughn (Kitty Steals the Show)

Nonfiction: Artist Showcase: Hrvoje Bešlić, Interview: Kim Stanley Robinson, Interview: Seanan McGuire (a/k/a Mira Grant)

Fantasy: Kat Howard (“Breaking the Frame”), Linda Nagata (“A Moment Before It Struck”), Wil McCarthy (“The Necromancer in Love”), Delia Sherman (“Cotillion”)

Science Fiction: Ken Liu (“The Bookmaking Habits of Select Species”), Caroline M. Yoachim & Tina Connolly (“Flash Bang Remember”), Charlie Jane Anders (“Love Might Be Too Strong a Word”), Michael Swanwick (“Slow Life”)

July 2012 (Issue 26)

Novella: “Lune and the Red Empress” by Liz Williams and Alastair Reynolds

Novel Excerpts: Spin the Sky by Katy Stauber and vN by Madeline Ashby

Nonfiction: Artist Showcase: Chris Cold and Tobias Roetsch, Interview: Brian Greene, Interview: Garth Nix

Science Fiction: A. M. Dellamonica (“The Sweet Spot”), Jake Kerr (“Requiem in the Key of Prose”), Joe Haldeman (“Four Short Novels”), David Brin (“The Giving Plague”)

Fantasy: Maria Dahvana Headley (“Give Her Honey When You Hear Her Scream”), Aidan Doyle (“Ghost River Red”), Theodora Goss (“Singing of Mount Abora”), Peter S. Beagle (“Gordon, the Self-Made Cat”)

June 2012 (Issue 25)

Novella: The Cosmology of the Wider World (Part 2) by Jeffrey Ford

Novel Excerpts: Existence by David Brin, The Killing Moon by N. K. Jemisin

Nonfiction: Artist Showcase: Marc Simonetti, Interview: Morgan Spurlock, Interview: Anne Rice

Fantasy: Kelsey Ann Barrett (“My Teacher, My Enemy”), John Langan (“Renfrew’s Course”), Seanan McGuire (“Lost”), Tim Pratt (“Cup and Table”).

Science Fiction: Maggie Clark (“A Plague of Zhe”), Simon McCaffery (“The Cristóbal Effect”), Eileen Gunn (“Contact”), George R. R. Martin (“The Way of Cross and Dragon”).

May 2012 (Issue 24)

Novella: The Cosmology of the Wider World (Part 1) by Jeffrey Ford

Novel Excerpts: The Drowned Cities by Paolo Bacigalupi and 2312 by Kim Stanley Robinson.

Nonfiction: Artist Showcase: Mikhail Rakhmatullin, Interview: Michael Chabon, Interview: Vernor Vinge.

Fantasy: Dale Bailey (“The Children of Hamelin”), Melanie Rawn (“Mother of All Russiya”), Catherynne M. Valente (“A Hole to China”), Kage Baker (“The Ruby Incomparable”).

Science Fiction: Linda Nagata (“Nightside on Callisto”), C. C. Finlay (“The Cross-Time Accountants Fail To Kill Hitler Because Chuck Berry Does The Twist”), Nicola Griffith (“Song of Bullfrogs, Cry of Geese”), David Langford (“Different Kinds of Darkness”).