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Book Review: Far Out, edited by Paula Guran

Arley Sorg knows a lot about short fiction. Find out why he’s recommending the reprint anthology Far Out, edited by Paula Guran.


Book Review: Capture the Crown, by Jennifer Estep

This month, Chris Kluwe’s reading goes royal. Find out just why you should read Jennifer Estep’s new novel Capture the Crown.


Book Review: For the Wolf, by Hannah Whitten

This month, LaShawn M. Wanak goes out into the woods to bring you a review of For the Wolf, a new novel from Hannah Whitten.


Book Review: Sword Stone Table: Old Legends, New Voices, edited by Swapna Krishna and Jenn Northington

Arley Sorg reviews new anthology Sword Stone Table: Old Legends, New Voices, edited by Swapna Krishna and Jenn Northington. Did he really say it leaves “hella cool” in the dust? Read his review and find out!


Book Review: Day Zero, by C. Robert Cargill

In this month’s review, Chris Kluwe would like to point your attention towards Day Zero, a stand-alone novel by C. Robert Cargill that tackles weighty topics like the philosophy of self, free-will versus predestination, and just what is that teddy bear doing with a minigun???


Book Review: Bacchanal, by Veronica G. Henry

LaShawn M. Wanak takes a trip to the carnival in Bacchanal, a new novel by Veronica G. Henry.


Book Review: Black Sci-Fi Short Stories, with editorial support from Tia Ross

Our own Arley Sorg calls this book wonderful and important. WONDERFUL AND IMPORTANT! Don’t you want to find out why?


Book Review: Hold Fast Through the Fire, by K.B. Wagers

This month, Chris Kluwe launches himself into military SF, reviewing <i>Hold Fast Through the Fire</i>, by K.B. Wagers. It’s a sequel, but Chris will let you know if you need to read the first book in the series before you check out this fun new novel.


Book Review: We Are Satellites, by Sarah Pinsker

LaShawn M. Wanak delves into Sarah Pinsker’s new novel, We Are Satellites, which asks a lot of questions about the role of multitasking. If you’re not sure whether you can squeeze in this book, read LaShawn’s review to see if it’s worth your undivided attention.


Book Review: The Bone Maker, by Sarah Beth Durst

This month Chris Kluwe jumps into a world of bone magic and heroism. Did he like Sarah Best Durst’s new novel The Bone Maker? Better read his review and find out!