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Book Review: The Memory Librarian, by Janelle Monáe

Wait–isn’t The Memory Librarian, by Janelle Monáe, a musical album? Well, yes. But not THIS The Memory Librarian, by Janelle Monáe. It’s a short story collection, and Chris Kluwe is here to tell you why it’s a must-read.


Book Review: Unlimited Futures, edited by Ismail and van Neerven

Arley Sorg is always lookng for the next great anthology, and Unlimited Futures, edited Rafeif Ismail & Ellen van Neerven, is definitely one of them.


Book Review: Siren Queen, by Nghi Vo

Aigner Loren Wilson dives into a novel about a magical Hollywood: Nghi Vo’s Siren Queen. Find out whether it’s good casting for your bookshelf!


Book Review: Hunt The Stars, by Jessie Mihalik

Chris Kluwe is here to tell you: if you’re looking for a space opera with combat armor, intrigue, touching relationships, and an adorable telepathic creature, Hunt the Stars by Jessie Mihalik is just what you’ve been hunting for.


Book Review: Screams From the Dark, edited by Ellen Datlow

Every Ellen Datlow anthology is a hit. Let Arley Sorg tell you why her newest, Screams from the Dark, is really cool.


Book Review: The Blood Trials by N.E. Davenport

The Blood Trials, N.E. Davenport’s SF debut, really lives up to its name. Let Aigner Loren Wilson tell you why this new novel is more than just blood and violence–and why you might just love it.


Book Review: Lesser Known Monsters of the 21st Century, by Kim Fu

You know Arley Sorg loves short fiction, and he’s found some real gems for you in Lesser Known Monsters of the 21st Century, a new collection from award-winning literary writer Kim Fu. Let him tell you why you should check out this book!


Book Review: A Desolation Called Peace, by Arkady Martine

Arkady Martine’s novel A Desolation Called Peace made a whole lot of Year’s Best lists for 2021. But if you’re still not sure you want to dive into Martine’s world, Chris Kluwe is here to tell you why you should.


Book Review: She Who Became the Sun, by Shelley Parker-Chan

Aigner Loren Wilson lays it out straight: she loves She Who Became the Sun, the new novel from Shelley Parker-Chan. But to find out why, you’ll have to read her review.


Book Review: Trouble the Waters, edited by Sheree Renée Thomas, Pan Morigan, and Troy L. Wiggins

Start the new year with a powerful and important read. Arley Sorg tells you why you don’t want to miss Trouble the Waters, a new anthology from powerhouse team Sheree Renée Thomas, Pan Morigan, Troy L. Wiggins.