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Artist Showcase

Artist Showcase

Artist Spotlight: John Picacio

I’ve always favored art that was evocative rather than literal. I think my art is a balance between the two, and that balance shifts depending on the nature of the assignment.

Artist Showcase

Artist Spotlight: Kai Lim

Basically, the image revolves around the theme of “cavemen in space.” It was a concept I was toying with for some time. The idea behind it is that in the future, our civilization is growing rapidly, and expeditionary forces or “harvest fleets” are sent out to claim entire worlds, hunting and harvesting alien species for resources and food in order to fuel our expanding race. The twist is that for such an advanced race, our culture and methods are ironically primitive—where cavemen used to hunt wooly mammoths with spears, futuristic hunters now hunt twenty-foot tall aliens with powered-armor and spearguns instead.