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Author Spotlight: Ian McDonald

It’s a cliché that when the aliens arrive, they appear over the White House, or Tiananmen Square. But why shouldn’t they arrive in the developing world?

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Author Spotlight: Grady Hendrix

Let’s face it: Crash landings are no one’s preferred method of parking. Mostly because you will die screaming if you crash land.

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Author Spotlight: Carolyn Gilman

Galena came to me in a flash, fully formed and demanding that I should write about her. I have no idea where she came from, but I was not about to argue with her.

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Author Spotlight: K.C. Ball

I’m interested in the notion of sentient A.I., and got more and more into the character as the story developed. I tried to make him real and unreal, to give him attitude, particularly in his view of humans.

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Author Spotlight: Alastair Reynolds

At the back of my mind I’d had an idea about how contact with the alien would lead to us becoming progressively more alien ourselves. All I did was bolt that notion onto a simple war story and “Scales” was born.

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Author Spotlight: Nancy Kress

He “saw” what he said he saw: Zeus in a toaster pastry. Rather, that’s what he perceived, since sight is a combination of what photons strike our retinas and how we interpret the resulting signals to the brain.

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Author Spotlight: Tessa Mellas

Angela also feels generic. She can’t compete with Bibi’s exoticism in a culture that pits girls against one another.

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Author Spotlight: Eric Gregory

The action of the latter half of the story is set around a particular stretch of road in Cherokee National Forest. That road is the exact last place I’d ever want to run into hungry dead things, so of course I had to stick my characters there.

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Author Spotlight: Tom Crosshill

Some years ago Roger Penrose proposed the idea that the human brain relies on quantum properties for computation, using this to explain away self-awareness and intelligence (he was not the first or only person to express similar ideas, but he’s the best known).

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Author Spotlight: Bruce Sterling

The story is unique because it asks a question like “What would an Internet gift economy look like if it had some strongly Japanese cultural characteristics?” That’s how a story like “Maneki Neko” emerges.