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Author Spotlight: David Farland

I had a dream that my brain was trapped in the body of a giant tank-like spaceship, and that I was fighting a war on an alien moon—trying to hide in a crater as enemy ships hunted me.

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Author Spotlight: Justina Robson

Originally “constellations” was the theme of the anthology this story first appeared in and as soon as the subject was mentioned and I had the project to do I thought of how the patterns in the stars were manmade things.

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Author Spotlight: Adam-Troy Castro

I will confess that I had absolutely no medical realities in mind when I conceived this story, just the dark emotions that drive it.

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Author Spotlight: D. Thomas Minton

One of the primary influences for this story was a recent trip to Indonesia. While I experienced nothing like Trenchtown in my travels, the smells, sounds and sights of Indonesia permeate “Thief of Futures.”

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Author Spotlight: David Brin

The long debate over the long-range fate of the universe is still unsettled. For a while the notion of a Cyclical Cosmos reigned … that eventually the Big Bang’s expansion would peter out and gravity would pull everything back into a Big Crunch.

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Author Spotlight: Liz Coleman

I’m fascinated by unorthodox sexuality and the changes we put ourselves through for our loved ones. So I wanted to write about a guy dating aliens, which leads to the question, “Why would aliens want to date a human?”

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Author Spotlight: Genevieve Valentine

My guess is that most people who have held down a day job in a corporate atmosphere will recognize something of Mori with very little trouble.

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Author Spotlight: John Varley

I didn’t want to do any medical research, either, in case my idea of losing all your memories when you went to sleep turned out not to be possible. Turns out it is possible, which is a relief.

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Author Spotlight: Will McIntosh

I envisioned this newly formed species standing around, not knowing what to value, how to go about creating their own culture and norms after their mission was complete.

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Author Spotlight: Karen Joy Fowler

I usually start a story believing I’m writing about one thing. But as the story unwinds, I usually find, a couple pages in, that I’m actually writing about something else entirely.