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Author Spotlight: Terry Bisson

“Bears Discover Fire” combines family, uplifted animals, and tire maintenance. Where did the idea for this one come from?

The idea came to me on a NY (not KY) interstate, musing on the wide, wooded medians as a sort of created wilderness. I imagined a campfire and even “saw” the bears sitting around it. The story itself is your standard Southern old-timers’ nostalgia tale, with old tires instead of corn bread and sorghum as the icons of tradition.

The flickering flashlight in the beginning ratcheted up the tension nicely. How can sprinkling in elements suspense enhance a story?

No suspense there, just an annoyance. You will notice there is no suspense in this story. It would diminish rather than enhance it.

Why did you choose bears?

Same reason they appear in other fairy tales. They look like people if you don’t look close. And they can kill you but they don’t generally come after you. Sort of like neighbors.

Any tips for up and coming authors?

Quit. There are plenty of authors already.

What can we expect from you in the future?

The usual odd story.

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Earnie Sotirokos

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