Lightspeed: Edited by John Joseph Adams



Series Archive: Twinmaker

Matter transmission (d-mat) doesn’t just conveniently move people around. It saved the world, for a start, and created a whole new class of crimes. If you can build people from scratch, atom by atom, you can also suck poisons out of the environment and break the law in thousands of clever and deadly ways.

In a future where in theory anyone can have anything at the flick of a switch, what matters is much more than just mere matter.



The Missing Metatarsals

His head swiveled to track me as we walked in lockstep through security. A birth defect called Möbius syndrome inherited from distant Nepalese ancestors left him with underdeveloped VI and VII cranial nerves, so he can’t blink, bite, or form expressions without the help of a series of tiny implants. My girlfriend Billie is a muscle artist, and she’s tweaked the inspector’s presets a couple of times, giving him conscious control of his face, but that’s not the same as the real thing. Not the same at all.

Science Fiction

Face Value

News of the disappearance of inventor Felix Frey spread through the Air with electric ease. It was exactly the kind of distraction I needed. There are only so many quaint old thefts and counterfeit scams I can pluck from policing archives while my girlfriend Billie works in her studio, adjusting facial nerves, muscles, and skin cells to fit her clients’ desires.

Science Fiction

Death and the Hobbyist

It wasn’t enough for my mother Juliet to be crazy. Of course not. She was always going to find a uniquely inconvenient way to drive us mad along with her.