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Media Reviews


Movie Review: Geostorm

This month, Carrie Vaughn takes a critical look at Geostorm and the very idea of climate catastrophe as entertainment


Movie Review: Blade Runner 2049

This month, Carrie Vaughn takes a look at Blade Runner 2049.


Media Reviews: October 2017

This month, Christopher East turns his pen to some of the new television of the Marvel Cinematic Universe: The Defenders and Legion.


Media Reviews: September 2017

This month, reviewer Violet Allen turns his attention to two unusual science fictional couples, examining the pairings in the film Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets and then in the play Pilgrims.


TV Review: American Gods

This month, Violet Allen turns a critical lens toward the television adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s multi-award-winning novel, American Gods.


Movie Review: July 2017

This month Carrie Vaughn reviews Wonder Woman.


Movie Review: June 2017

This month, Carrie Vaughn reviews the monsters and mayhem of Colossal.


TV Review: May 2017

But one of the network’s strongest offerings is the ambitious post-apocalyptic epic, The 100, now in its fourth season and renewed for a fifth. You might be sick of apocalypse stories. You might not want another grim show in your nightly lineup. Maybe you have something against teen protagonists. We’re here—as two people who rarely agree on what to watch—to tell you why you need to give it a try anyway.


Movie Review: April 2017

This month, Carrie Vaughn reviews Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, the final installment of the Resident Evil films.


TV Review: March 2017

The role of the fictional detective is to strike at the unknown and restore order to the universe. Someone has stolen something or killed someone or otherwise gone outside the bounds of statutory, moral, or, in some cases, natural law, and it is up to the detective to resolve the tension of this trespass.