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When the Chatbots Come to Greet Us: Adventures in Algorithmic Intelligence (and Taunting)

We all know that eventually, inevitably, humanity is going to develop an AI smart enough to turn into an awkward child actor with feelings all his own.

Author Spotlight

Author Spotlight: Cat Rambo

This story is intended as a tribute to and retelling of Robert A. Heinlein’s YA short story, “The Menace From Earth,” in which a teen girl, Holly Jones of Luna City, loses and then regains her boyfriend.


Best Lightspeed Magazine Story of 2010 Poll and Contest

Now that we’ve bid 2010 goodbye, it’s time to take a fond look back. We had an excellent year for fiction and many of our stories have been picked up for Best Of volumes. We’d like to give our readers the chance to tell us what their favorite stories are, though. You’re the reason we can keep publishing amazing stories, so you should get a say. Thus, our first annual Lightspeed Magazine Story Poll!

Artist Showcase

Artist Spotlight: Rowena Wang

The original character is a ghost who is specialized in examining and identifying antiques; she has the red and golden dress code, and she rides a purple, magically enchanted sword with symbols on it.


Editorial, February 2011

Welcome to issue nine of Lightspeed! On tap this month… Fiction: “Long Enough and Just So Long” by Cat Rambo, “The Passenger” by Julie E. Czerneda, “Simulacrum” by Ken Liu, “Breakaway, Backdown” by James Patrick Kelly. Nonfiction: “When the Chatbots Come to Greet Us” by Genevieve Valentine, “Feature Interview: “Digital Lifeforms” by Andrew Penn Romine, “Where’s My Holovision” by Jeff Hecht, and “Colonizing the Solar System in Four Easy Steps” by Nicholos Wethington.


Five Animals That Will Take Over the Earth After We Eradicate Ourselves

Let’s face it. We’re doomed. Our species’ greatest scientists have admitted as much—if we don’t find a way off this rock, the human race is facing extinction.

Author Spotlight

Author Spotlight: Orson Scott Card

This is science fiction. As far as we know, it is not only not true, but probably impossible. Most SF ideas fall into this category. It’s simply a cool idea, and who knows?


Interview: The Redemption of Paolo Bacigalupi

With fantasy, you get the luxury of control. Every aspect of the world can be manipulated for your purpose, and the reader is willing to suspend disbelief to a much larger degree than with science fiction.

Author Spotlight

Author Spotlight: Tanith Lee

Tempted women. An ultimate (forbidden?) knowledge. The scent and taste of an apple. The fear that it may have all happened before, and been Science Fiction back then too.


Neurotransmitters: God’s Way of Getting You High

Considering that the human brain comes equipped with the desire as well as all the necessary neurological equipment to get us high, it’s not surprising that ever since humanity began, we’ve been searching out creative ways of doing so.