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Women Destroy Science Fiction! — Staff

A huge team of amazing women came together to assemble the Women Destroy Science Fiction! special issue (along with a few guys who helped out in some non-editorial roles). So here’s a huge THANK YOU to everyone who helped out putting the issue together. In addition to all of the wonderful authors who contributor to the issue, here’s a list of all the people who had a role in making the issue happen:

Guest Editor & Original Fiction Editor
Christie Yant

Reprints Editor
Rachel Swirsky

Flash Fiction Editor
Robyn Lupo

Managing Editor & Nonfiction Editor
Wendy N. Wagner

Podcast Producer
Gabrielle de Cuir

Podcast Host
Mur Lafferty

Podcast Narrators
Janis Ian
Gabrielle de Cuir
Stefan Rudnicki
Bahni Turpin
Jonathan L. Howard
Susan Hanfield
Emily Rankin
Grover Gardner

Podcast Editor
Alexa Althoff

Podcast Post-Production
Jim Freund

Podcast Music
Jack Kincaid

Podcast Engineer
Ken Barton/Phase Shift Studios in Bristol, UK (for Jonathan L. Howard recording)

Art Director & Cover Artist
Galen Dara

Assistant Editor
Jude Griffin

Copy Editor
Dana Watson

Assistant Copy Editor
Laurel Amberdine

Li Grabenstetter
Elizabeth Leggett
Christine Mitzuk
Hillary Pearlman

Spotlight Authors
Laurel Amberdine
Jude Griffin
Lee Hallison
Sandra Odell

Debra Jess
Rachael Jones
Amanda Mitchell
Sarah Slatton

First Readers
Laurel Amberdine
Lisa Andrews
Amber Barkley
Kristi Charish
Kate Galey
Britt Gettys
Jude Griffin
Alyc Helms
Sylvia Hiven
Andrea Johnson
Georgina Kamsika
Louise Kane
Sarah Kirkpatrick
DeAnna Knippling
Stephanie Lorée
Gail Marsella
Laura Newsholme
Lianna Palkovick
Stephanie Sursi
Samantha Thomas
Nicole Walters
LaShawn Wanak
Gwen Whiting
Sandra Wickham

Promotional Logo Design
Jenn Reese

Ebook Cover Design
Karen Jones

Ebook Layout & Design
Neil Clarke

Book Cover Design
Jason Gurley

Book Production & Layout
Michael Lee

John Joseph Adams

Thanks also to Genevieve Cushing at CreateSpace and April Savard & Sue Taylor at Courier Digital Solutions for their help in making the print edition happen. Also a hat-tip to Natalia M. Griffin, who mentioned this on Twitter and thus prompted us to post this list on the website (which previously was only available in the ebook and print editions); she also created her own list of the WDSF contributors who are on Twitter.

Women Destroy Science Fiction! Editors

Women Destroy Science Fiction!

Christie Yant, Guest Editor/Original Fiction Editor

Christie YantChristie Yant is a science fiction and fantasy writer, and assistant editor for Lightspeed. Her fiction has appeared in anthologies and magazines including Year’s Best Science Fiction & Fantasy 2011 (Horton), Armored, Analog Science Fiction & Fact, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, io9,, and China’s Science Fiction World. Her work has received honorable mentions in Year’s Best Science Fiction (Dozois) and Best Horror of the Year (Datlow), and has been long-listed for StorySouth’s Million Writers Award. She lives on the central coast of California with two writers, an editor, and assorted four-legged nuisances. Follow her on Twitter @christieyant.

Rachel Swirsky, Reprint Editor

Photos from the World Fantasy Convention 2011 in San Diego, CARachel Swirsky holds a master’s degree in fiction from the Iowa Writers Workshop, and graduated from Clarion West in 2005. She’s published over 50 short stories in venues including the New Haven Review, Clarkesworld Magazine, and Her short fiction has been nominated for the Hugo Award, the Locus Award, and the Sturgeon Award, and in 2010, her novella “The Lady Who Plucked Red Flowers Beneath the Queen’s Window” won the Nebula. If it were an option, she might choose to replace her hair with feathers, preferably bright macaw feathers.

Robyn Lupo, Flash Fiction Editor

Robyn LupoRobyn Lupo has been known to frequent southwestern Ontario with her graduate student husband and elderly dog. She writes, reads, and plays video games. She is personal assistant to three cats, and an Assistant Editor for Lightspeed Magazine.

Wendy N. Wagner, Nonfiction/Managing Editor N. Wagner has published short fiction in magazines and anthologies including Beneath Ceaseless Skies, The Lovecraft eZine, Armored, The Way of the Wizard, and Heiresses of Russ 2013: The Year’s Best Lesbian Speculative Fiction. Her first novel, Skinwalkers, is a Pathfinder Tales adventure. She served as the Assistant Editor of Fantasy Magazine and is currently the Managing/Associate Editor of Lightspeed and Nightmare. An avid gamer and gardener, she lives in Portland, Oregon, with her very understanding family. Follow her on Twitter @wnwagner.

Gabrielle de Cuir, Podcast Producer

Gabrielle de CuirGabrielle de Cuir has narrated over one hundred titles specializing in fantasy, humor, and titles requiring extensive foreign language and accent skills. Her “velvet touch” as an actors’ director has earned her a special place in the audiobook world as the foremost choice for best-selling authors and celebrities. She is the writer and director of the Award winning short film The Delivery, which deals with an Alice-in-Wonderland version of audiobooks. Her own film credits include Ghostbusters, American President, and Fright Night. She spent her childhood in Rome growing up with her wildly artistic and cinematic father, John de Cuir, four-time Academy Award winning Production Designer, an upbringing that taught her to be fluent in Romance languages and to have an unusual appetite for visual delights.