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Book Reviews, September 2015

This month, Amal El-Mohtar reviews works by Naomi Novik, Max Gladstone, Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie, and Chuck Wendig.


Book Reviews: August 2015

This month, Sunil Patel takes a look at novels from Wesley Chu, N.K. Jemisin, Ken Liu, and Daniel José Older, and gives you the real scoop on what to read.


Book Reviews: July 2015

Welcome back to the Lightspeed Review column! This month, I read THE THREE-BODY PROBLEM, by Cixin Liu; LAGOON, by Nnedi Okorafor; and AURORA, by Kim Stanley Robinson; and I was struck at how each novel used location and an awareness of ecological fragility in similar ways. Each book is set in a unique environment that’s outside of what I’m typically exposed to, and it’s interesting to see how each author teased out China, Nigeria, and the exoplanet Aurora (among other locations).


Book Reviews, June 2015: Friendship, Chosen Family, and Queer Communities

This month, I want to take a look at how queers destroy science fiction through seeking, building, and defending community. The following books are all deeply concerned with the families we choose and the connections we build together, amongst each other, to survive worlds hostile to us.


Book Reviews: May 2015

In this month’s installment of our Book Review column, Sunil Patel explores new novels from Delilah S. Dawson, Genevieve Valentine, Sabaa Tahir, and Andrea Phillips.


Book Reviews: April 2015

This month, Andrew Liptak reviews Paolo Bacigalupi’s forthcoming novel, THE WATER KNIFE, and Edan Lepucki’s powerful debut, CALIFORNIA. In this month’s column, we’ve ended up with two books that look at the collapse of society in very different ways.


Book Reviews: March 2015

This month, Amal El-Mohtar reviews work from Lisa M. Bradley, Jennifer Marie Brissett, and Sonya Taaffe.


Book Reviews: February 2015

This month, Sunil Patel reviews works by V.E. Schwab, Karen Lord, Greg van Eekhout, and duo Rachel Manija Brown and Sherwood Smith.


Book Reviews: January 2015

Welcome to the inaugural Lightspeed Book Review column! I’m thrilled to be part of this new feature on Lightspeed, and I’m looking forward to reading the reviews from my fellow reviewers Amal El-Mohtar and Sunil Patel. This month, I’m looking at books from Ann Leckie, W.C. Bauers, and Katherine Howe. Ancillary Sword Ann Leckie Ann […]